The Knowes Hotel – Sustainability Policy

At The Knowes Hotel, we understand we have an active role to play in the sustainability of the Scottish environment, society and culture in which we work and live. 

We firmly believe that a sustainable approach to tourism growth is necessary to ensure long-term success of tourism in Scotland.

Additionally, from January 2014, government initiative Zero Waste Scotland has set an ambitious target of 70% recycling and just 5% of waste going to landfill by 2025.  

Our staff training and daily operations encompass our sustainability values and practices.

We take a number of measures to encourage sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint:

Measures taken to reduce energy use and increase efficiency:

  • Appliances are new and of high efficiency
  • Well insulated building following full renovation and refurbishment in 2017
  • Use of low energy light bulbs
  • Guests encouraged to reuse towels
  • Shower heads are aerated
  • Toilets hae efficient flush controls
  • Solar panels are installed and contribute to energy supply
  • Utility usage and bills are monitored

Measures taken to reduce pollution and waste:

  • Use of single use plastics is strictly limited, instead opting for paper, Vegware etc
  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and food waste

Actively supporting our local community:

  • Sponsorship and support of local groups, charities and organisations:
    • Provide donations for raffle prizes etc
    • Offer use of function suite free of charge / low cost for fundraising events
    • Actively offer skills and support ie cooking for vulnerable during Covid-19
  • Provide local employment, creating more work places and reducing unemployment
  • Actively engage with and support local tourism initiatives ie Visit Aberdeenshire


Promoting sustainable tourism and culture:

  • The Knowes Hotel shares local heritage and values
  • Guests are encouraged to explore and enjoy the outdoors ie walking, cycling, golf
  • Bus links are within 5 minutes’ walking distance of the hotel

We continue to monitor and adapt our practices to ensure our operations have minimal impact on our environment.

The Knowes Hotel, July 2020